Magnitude 8.2 Quake Off Sumatra Coast (Reuters) - Page 2

March 29th, 2005  
A Can of Man
Nias.. damn. Those people are famous for their high jumps over tall stone slab statues. Their own dance with the spears and shields etc. Proud warrior tradition from the old days.

Originally Posted by Redleg
Looks like the earthquake was a bit more powerfull than first reported, around 8,7..

A small tsunami/large wave (3 meters) was reported to have hit the small Indonesian Island Simeulue, and caused great destruction there.

Around 1000 people are confirmed killed so far, according to Norwegian news..
Right. If you have an underwater quake, there will always be a tsunami. It's just a matter of how powerful it is.
March 30th, 2005  
Italian Guy
In the end the focal point is significantly lower so there was no giant waves.