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Magic Beer
November 29th, 2005  
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Magic Beer
Originally Posted by Hard Corp.
A woman walks into a bar and sits next to a man drinking a beer. Then the man gets up, walks over to the window and jumps out of it, surprised the woman runs to the window and sees the man fly around the building and back through the window. He walks back to his seat and continues to drink his beer. Amazed the woman asked how did you do that, the man answers with the magic beer, promptly the woman orders the magic beer and drinks it and asks now what, the man answers, just jump out the window like I did, she proceeds and a moment later he hears a SPLAT. The bar tender then says, Super Man you're a real a** when your drunk.[/i]
Good one!
January 10th, 2007  
January 11th, 2007  
I liked Charge 7's version better.
Magic Beer
February 9th, 2007  
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