October 12th, 2006  

Topic: Macbeth

For those who may not know, in Australia a new version of Macbeth has just been released. What makes this different is it has been adapted to backdrop of the Melbourne Underground, which has hit the headlines for the past ten years for over thirty something murders, relating to to the two big families down there.

Anyway this Version of Macbeth, Directed by Geoffery Wright, has an extremly good Australian Cast, Sam Worthington (Dirty Deeds) in the Lead Role, Gary Sweet (Police Rescue) as Duncan, and Victoria Hill, the Daughter of our Former Defence Minister Robert Hill as Lady Macbeth.

I saw it a week after it was realesed, and I am going back to see it again, it was extremly good In My Opinion. The Papers here are like normal bagging it.

The Costumes and Weapons and Props are all contemporary, but the script is how Shakespeare wrote it. It is extremly well done, but if you haven't read Macbeth before, read it, because the movies goes at a fast pace, and you might be left behind.

Overall I give this film an 8 out of 10. The pace of the film lets it down for those who don't know the story, and the camera work in the banquet scene, is not up the greatest, too much movement.

Even though, I highly recomend anyone to go out and see it
October 13th, 2006  
Think I must see it then

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