The M1A2 SEP

March 21st, 2005  
FO Seaman

Topic: The M1A2 SEP

Man thats awesome ain't it? commander and gunner of the M1A2 SEP.
March 21st, 2005  
The image isn't working..
March 21st, 2005  
FO Seaman
I can see it. Try this link.
March 22nd, 2005  
Whispering Death
Good lighting in that picture, can tell it was professionally done.
March 24th, 2005  
its beautiful isnt it? guderian would have been proud.
April 7th, 2005  
Nice pic, but for some reason, armour just doesn't seem to roll my socks up and down for me.
April 8th, 2005  
Armor from any age is awesome...