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August 31st, 2004  
SLR owner
Thanks 5CAV ,

I already knew about the FAL files(and use the one you posted) as I did quite abit of research on this rifle before I bought it. I am proficient on the basic strip minus getting the gas plug off , and stripping the firing pin(just squirted rem oil in it)....which after 55 rounds(yesterday) probably isn't necessary to clean yet. I am LOVING the way my FAL performed. The gas setting only took 1 round to get(all the way open at 7 and it cycled so I turned it left 2 clicks on 5). Then at first we thought it was firing abit low at 25 yds , but from the prone position at 100 yds , I got a good group with it....I may fine tune it abit , but later. I never shot the m-14. Hard to believe it would perform any better than the FAL has....I may get a gunsmith to due a trigger job on it....that is my only complaint with it.
September 21st, 2004  
Originally Posted by 5CAV
You are not hauled off to jail if you don't vote, don't read, don't go to church or don't own a gun, but you are acting as a better citizen of a free state if you take advantage of these RIGHTS.
Not entirely true...in Kennesaw Georgia each head of household is REQUIRED to own a firearm and ammunition. The ordinance was passed in 1982.