LRRP uniforms

September 15th, 2004  

Topic: LRRP uniforms

What about some weird camo gears from all over the world...
This is French!

September 16th, 2004  
wow, those are freaky!
September 16th, 2004  
That really looks like a polar bear.. it's effective
And the camo looks like some dried grass... a cow could be cheated to eat it.
September 16th, 2004  
Leave it to the French to put so much effort into camoflague

How about this for camo? We gotta take some lessons from nature.
September 16th, 2004  
Cheap shot!
You guys are funny....we are deployed all over to support our allies and Afghanistan is a good example....we added 200 SOF (maybe wearing that fluffy stuff) to take over the Southern border from the US and doing a very good job according to all accounts...we added Haiti and just moved to help Sudan while Powells and the UN debate the word "genocide".
The French gov did not agree to go to war in Irak because the salads sold at this time by the US were not convincing...the US congress just conceeded that by the way.
Short term memory helping, now it is all about a safer world without Saddam. We did not buy it then and don't like to be manipulated. French forces in Irak won't happen....that's all. The US administration screwed up on that one...but for the rest, when looking at the size of the French army and its budget, we are not doing bad at all!
Our specialty is to help small colonies in know...America against the Brits!
Anybody want to contribute on the weird/funny uniform topic?
September 16th, 2004  
Wow.. Nice camo!

.. and SAINT you're right! It does look like a Polar Bear! Even better yet, a French Polar Bear. You know, that's a rare kind.