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December 31st, 2005  
He was killed by a Japanese Sniper.. not by an arrow (Japanese uses musketts) He was brutally tortured by the King because of Kings doubt about his general..

There were very few turtle ships and it was used for a little bit. Its beta stage was a failure and the ship sinked because of the weight of metal and they found thinner lighter metal.
Turtle ship was used when the Japanese didnt have cannons in their ships and was used to break enemy formation by charging in but became total usuless when the Japanese got their hands on the cannons. Basically Japan used muskets during the first few years, which was real good in land battles but wasnt as good as in Sea battles. When Won Gun took over the Korean Navy when Lee Soon Shin was getting tortured by the King,WonGun attacked the Japanese naval base in Busan, losing some of ships on the way and being surrounded and losing 20,000 men. After this battle there was only 13 ships left with around 1000 men and LeeSoonShin came back and defeated 133 out of 333 ships with 13 ships. Which is his greatest battle of all time. Norang HaeJun I think it was.

there are some pictures of how it looked like(Turtle ship)
January 3rd, 2006  
Yup Yup
He is famous.
Japan even thought that he was very annoying since he had a great brain to attack the Japan and never lose in the war.
And he was not tortured to death
but he actually got shot of a stray bullet in the war.
January 3rd, 2006  
January 4th, 2006  
wow... so all Koreans know about him? wierd that the rest of the words doesnt very much... sad..
January 5th, 2006  
This is a good start though.
January 6th, 2006  
true.. but still, the people teaching history, should really start mentioning some other heroes and other countries important histories.. As for me, I knew this good man from a pc game :P

who said games werent good?
January 10th, 2006  
I agree that people should teach more about the different countries' heroes in history too!
In my world history text book,
there is no information at all telling who the hero was for Korea.
That makes the Korean to feel bad for being left out!!!
January 10th, 2006  
yeah.. its shame really..

But at least he got his name into the world of Pc games thats where I knew of this man..
And also, to each country there is its hero which should be honored and recongnized by the generations that come after them... That hero might not make it to be known worldwide, but at least he is known by the country which he served, loved, and defended, and that I think, was what LeeSunShin wanted
And I am sure some people out there know him, because if they dont, they need a history lesson
February 23rd, 2006  
World history textbooks suck all around. Only in private research can you find credit where it is due, most of the time.

Also take note of how Admiral Yi was a victim of the politicians. He had already saved his country once when they stripped him of his rank, and were forced to bail him out later. Just as we forced our hero of the 20th Century Korean War, Chesty Puller, into retirement before he needed to be.
July 31st, 2008  

Topic: Lord High Admiral Lee Soon Shin

Admiral Yi Soon-shin and the Turtle Ship

19 November 19, 1998 is a historic day marking the 400th anniversary of the loyal Admiral Yi Soon-shin's martyrdom in the Battle of Noryang at the age of 54. Cadets in Naval Academies around the world are taught historic naval battles. Among those, the following four battles are recognized to be the greatest battle fought in history- The Salamis Naval Battle of Greek Admiral Themistocles in B.C. 480 - The Calais Naval Battle of England's Admiral Howard in 1588 - The Hansan battle of where Admiral Yi Soon-shin in 1592 achieved a continuous triumph with the Turtle Ship - The Trafalgar Battle of England's Admiral Nelson in 1805 .

To see the pictures of the ship and original message, go to: http://www.papermagic.co.kr/html/eng...lture1_lee.htm

Among these, Admiral Yi Soon-shin's victory is evaluated to be the most valuable. It is said that Admiral Yamato, who overwhelmed the world when he defeated Russia's mighty Far Eastern Fleet in 1905, replied the following when he was praised to be as great as Admiral Yi Soon-shin: "I am willing to accept comparison with England's Admiral Nelson, however I fall short to the great achievements of Admiral Yi Soon-shin."

Admiral Yi Soon-shin is recognized as a great figure who saved his country during crisis, and the Turtle Ship which has led each battle to a great victory is displayed in various museums including the
WarMemorialMuseum in Washington, the MaritimeMuseum in England and other historic museums in China, Germany, France and Canada.

(To see the modern Korean ship building, go to:

The History of Naval Forces
Korea's naval forces have developed over a long period of time. For instance, the three kingdom (Kokuryo, Paekche and Shilla) competitively extended their influence to sea trade routes in A.D. 372. By the mid 9C, they installed a trade center in china, while sweeping the pirates in South East Asia.
In 1011, spear ships that prevented enemy ships from approaching were in use and warships equipped with gun powder and firearms appeared by the year 1150. In 1377, they operated a special bureau manufacturing cannons and gun powder and produced eighteen types of firearms. Along with the invention of fire arrows (arrows tied with gun powder bag) fire battle tactics were completed by the year 1383. In 1555, a new type of warship covered with wooden boards was developed to protect the oarsmen during battle.

Turtle Ship - Tank of the Sea
Korea's shipbuilding technology has greatly developed over time. Moreover, iron rods strengthened the structure of the ships while charging tactics became quite common during battles. The Turtle Ship is a newly created sea tank originated from spear ships and firearms and wood board covered warship. The main measurements and combat strength of the Turtle ship as the right table.

Dragon head
Length of Dragon head
Length of body
Width of upper deck
Length of lower deck
Combat Strength
Combat soldiers
Number of oars

The traditional naval battles have been mainly fought by jumping onto and capturing enemy ships, however since the Turtle Ship is entirely covered with planks and sharp spears, the opposing enemy could not jump aboard. The Turtle Ship is built by sturdy red pine trees with a thickness of 12 cm.

The specific gravity of the red pine trees is 0.73 which is greater than the average lumber (0.41-0.47) commonly used in ship building. Moreover, the ship has been constructed with water swelling wooden pegs permitting stronger structure in water. With these advantages the Turtle Ship is able to use charging tactics to crash and sink enemy warships.

Mobility-The oars are located in the inner side of the upper deck (figure).If the oars are located outside of the side-wall, they are likely to be damaged during crash into an opposing ship, However since the oars are located inside, the oarsmen can continue rowing regardless of crashes during battles.

There are eight oars on each side with a total of sixteen; and 80 oarsmen are in charge of the rowing. One leader and four oarsmen are assigned to each oar. Normally two men would take turns in rowing whereas all four would row vigorously during battle. The leader would give timely instructions throughout the battle, and the Turtle Ship is capable of various maneuvering such as advancement and retreat, circle and halt, acceleration and deceleration.

Extensive Fire Power- There are 45 combat soldiers in the Turtle Ship including the gun officer who is in charge of transmitting gun powder and cannons, the artillerist, and the archer who shoots fire arrows. The combatants used fire arrows as well as firearms during battle (figure).

Thus they were able to attack continuously with cannons and fire arrows. The combatants shot through many gunports which are located around the ship. Thus the Turtle Ship was able to shoot cannons and fire arrows from any given direction.

Admiral Yi Soon-shin explained the arrangement of the thirty-six gunports in his reports to the king. The Turtle Ship is equipped with long ranging cannons such as Chon(Heaven), Ji(Earth), Hyun(Black), Hwang(Brown), Seung(Victory) etc. (figure) Chon fires a round iron cannon ball with a 11.7 cm diameter that ranges up to 600m. Ji is slightly smaller in size and ranges over 350m. Using Chon and Ji, the Turtle Ship was able to attack ships in locations beyond enemy's firing range.

Hyun and Hwang shot big fire arrows and are estimated to have a shooting range of 300m. Seung shoots fire arrows dipped in gun powder and was used to attack nearby ships. Seung is light in weight and ranges up to 200m. Enemy ships that have been attacked by these cannons were badly damaged or burnt and sunk during naval battles.