Looking for uniforms issued from 1977 to 1980

June 16th, 2010  

Topic: Looking for uniforms issued from 1977 to 1980

I am looking for enlisted women's dress uniforms and fatigues issued in 1977. The summer dress was a light green and white stripe short sleeve with a folded cap. The summer and winter dress uniform were green with a white blouse that had a black inset collar tie. I would like to get a size 12 or 14 in these - I have all of my rank and insignia. We were in the last group issued the Athena brass to wear. If anyone has any idea where I can purchase any of these uniforms, I would be most appreciative. Ironically, my son, whom I became pregnant with during my final year of active duty today serves in the Signal Corps as I did. While my computer was the size of the wall, his equip is laptop size and part of his job is what mine was once my clearance was through - COMSEC accounting in the switch in Coltano (Camp Darby), near Pisa, Italy. Many thanks.

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