looking for a jody

looking for a jody
December 9th, 2008  
ROTC girl

Topic: looking for a jody

looking for a jody
there is a jody that is about a soldier standing on a hill side i believe it is from the Vietnam time period if anyone knows this jodey or just the name let me know
January 1st, 2009  

Topic: One of these?

It's either early morning rain or sitting on a hilltop.

I got a letter in the mil, go to war or go to jail.

Sitting on a hilltop beatin my drum, beat it so loud that the SPs come.
January 9th, 2009  
ROTC girl
Thanks, that was really bugging me. maybe now I can have the whole cadence stuck in my head
looking for a jody
January 14th, 2009  
That Jody Boy

Topic: Finally!!! Modern Military Music


I found motivating cadences at removed. My batallion ran to these last year with no complaints.


These are the best!!!

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