Longbow shooting

Longbow shooting
March 4th, 2012  
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Topic: Longbow shooting

Longbow shooting
I am using my free time to learn how to shoot a longbow. I found one with a 50 lb draw for $100 after shipping. It shot real good after sanding, staining and clear coating. Right now I am finding what shooting techniques work for me so I can be consistent every time.

My next project is to make my own wooden arrows since quality wooden arrows run $50-60 for a set of 3.
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March 6th, 2012  
That looks like fun.
And it's good to see that you're using bow that doesn't look like it's taken from a sci-fi movie...
March 6th, 2012  
Good luck. Longbows can be tricky to get the hang of. At an archery club I used to frequent there was this old bloke who always would use a longbow and wouldn't touch anything else. He would always carry on about it being a beautiful weapon. How it was great to carry on the bare bow tradition etc.... But when it came to shooting the dam thing (literally) couldn't hit a barn door and he had been at it for years .

With work I am sure you can do well. The guy from my little story wasn't the full quid... a bit simple.

Archery is a lot of fun.
Longbow shooting

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