Long Time no see

Long Time no see
October 25th, 2011  

Topic: Long Time no see

Long Time no see
First off let me apologize for my annoying antics brought to the men and women who serve here and across the world to protect the ungrateful people of the nation. Not all but most in my opinion. I am embarrassed by my actions and seriously would LOVE if we can delete those post although seriously the photos looked Photoshopped.

I bring today a fun game that I posted on Yahoo answers but figured there are to many up tights to answer. So as I sit here I hope that this will interest everyone as I am seriously embarrassing the better side of life and a lot of the "You know what, what would happen if this was going on." in a funny way.

So here goes

OK in the movie "Predators" we seen seven men and one woman put in one of the harshest conditions that to use would be one of our biggest fears. My thing is though (as some of you may know I asked a question like this before) in your real world training as special ops or just trained men and women post or pre, how would this situation go in reality if presented. Your choice of primary, second, and last resort weapons is the weapon your known best with. You are surrounded by the other seven individuals and you have just been smoked out by the "Unknown" assailant and you have to move forward; you are the leader and your word is key to survival. What would be done?

Review: In this movie who in your logic and experienced mind would have died first and survived until the end. In my opinion the Serra Leoa militia Mombasa would have lasted a lot longer than he did. The doctor, convict, and enforcer should have been long gone before him (Maybe the yazuka as well?). He seemed more in tune with the settings than anyone else.

I ask this in all good fun and away from the world we live in. I hope all have fun and enjoy this question.


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