Long Tan Day - Page 2

October 5th, 2004  
Max Power
Originally Posted by gjc
Long Tan - Perhaps one the greatest examples of how a small band of determined men can defeat an enemy many times their number, and a lesson in the importance of close artillery support. If anyone is interested there are several good books on it, but as I don't have my library with me at the moment I can't help on the authors! Sorry. However, most are fasanating reading for anyone interested in operatations conducted at the Company Group, and Platoon level.

And the enemy in question were NVA regulars, much better fighters than the Viet Cong whose myth has grown thanks to Hollywood.
Delta Coy, 6 RAR encountered elements of D445 Provinical Mobile Battalion and elements of 275 Regiment. Both of these units were Viet Cong not NVA.