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London bombers 'were all British'
July 14th, 2005  
London bombers 'were all British'
So what if they had contact with racist elements, there is maybe a probability that they did, i agree.

But what is the real probability that racism drove them to plan and detonate those bombs, probably something close to ZERO.

Using racism is just another pc bs way to not explain the obvious, of who and what cause the actual bombing.

If Europe takes this attitude than they are simply burying their heads in the sand for the sake of some "lets-all-get-along-maybe-we-ourselves-are-the-ones-to-blame utopian head fantasy", in the end they will get whats coming to them, just like the alchohlic who makes every excuse in the book other that he has a driking problem.
July 14th, 2005  
Whispering Death
Originally Posted by "Welshwarrior
The sentence seems like a no-brainer that if you allow these Islamic fanatics to not only survive, but thrive in your country,... did make me pause and chuckle. I was just thinking about the events not so long back, where a country trained foreigners to fly planes. I suppose it is easy to be wise after the event.
These people who speak of who attacked us on 9/11 came in from Saudi Arabia. They took advantage of our free laws and loose boarders to train then attacked us.

The difference is that in America, if a radical Islamic Iman in ranting and raving up on the pulpit every date about "hate America" and suicide bombings then the FBI is going to be crawling all over his ass and making sure every single person who steps foot into that mosque is squeaky clean. The policies of England leave these same Imans free to do virtually whatever they want.

This isn't a "look at you you so stupid!" thing, it's basic cause and effect. If you allow these propogandists who only live to destroy England set up shop in your backyard, the effect is that you're going to get bombed. Like I said before, when America gets blown up by someone who crossed the US-Mexico boarder that is still wide-open even after 9/11, you can say you saw that one comming too.
July 14th, 2005  
Italian Guy
Oh gee this is NOT anything that has to do with poverty, racism, or unperfect integration: this is a thread posed to us by a type of culture who wishes to destroy us by taking advantage of our weaknesses accordingly to a particular interpretation of the Koran. What does racism have to do with this??
London bombers 'were all British'
July 22nd, 2005  
These british citizens were sent to pakistan to study in a radical school by their parents.
July 29th, 2005  
It would appear although these terrorist had British Nationality they were not born here. Most of them seem to have been born else where and spent their formative years not in Britain. I know this is splitting hairs, but the culture shock for the young can be as great as it for the old. Coming into from a foreign country they are already at disadvantage as they can't speak the lingo so they are isolated for quite a while, and this sort of isolation can breed hatred and distrust.
August 10th, 2005  
two thoughts...
1. please spare me the 'they were british' angle. bet you my bottom dollar that they never did consider themselves british. probably considered themselves 'muslim' first, 'pakistani' second, and 'british' last.

2. what do you think they were learning in the radical religious school they attended in pakistan? somehow, i dont think they were reading up on the classics, or brushing up advanced math!