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August 3rd, 2005  

Topic: Local joker

We have had person in the area causing chaos with his sense of humour.
Today there notices posted along the Sea front on officially headed paper informing the tourist that the tide would not be coming in today due to a strike in France. It also listed the telephone numbers of the Town Hall and police for further information.
A few weeks before notices appeared in a sleepy little village again on Official paper informing people that their duck pond was about to be filled in and concreted over to make a new car park.
Others have been posted in streets informing Residents of proposed road widening and the compulsory purchase of their property.
The town hall is doing nothing at moment except dealing with enquiries relating to these notices.
A few years back some one was telephoning people and informing them that there had been a power surge at the telephone exchange and if the capacitor in the telephone was of an old type then it could catch on fire. So it was recommended that they placed the telephone in a bucket of water until an engineer could come around to check it out.
The number of telephones in buckets of water ran into hundreds.
August 3rd, 2005  
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hahaha that's nice
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Hehehe Very nice!!! LOL