Load Bearing Equipment

October 12th, 2006  

Topic: Load Bearing Equipment

What do you think is the best Load Bearing vest/webbing is and what rucksack/patrol pack is the best?

My pick for LBV is the British Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PLCE)

My pick for rucksack is the Canadian 64 pattern ruck
October 12th, 2006  
Team Infidel
neither. I like the vest than can go over your body armor.
October 12th, 2006  
I use this ruck sack and it works great. http://www.rangerjoes.com/pack-cfp-style-p-1558.html
October 13th, 2006  
sven hassell
PLCE is comfortable but what do I know im a civilian contractor and i dont do combat!
October 13th, 2006  
ALICE and MOLLE is what I used. I find ALICE more comfortable than MOLLE and PAL vests. I'm a pretty short guy so vest never fitted me right.

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