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Lithuanian anti' pedophile hero found dead
May 17th, 2010  

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Lithuanian anti' pedophile hero found dead
I guess the Lithuania area is the former USSR's equivalent of Texas! At least we don't have to worry about whether rehabilitation would have helped these pedophiles or, not.
May 20th, 2010  
Originally Posted by AVON
I guess the Lithuania area is the former USSR's equivalent of Texas! At least we don't have to worry about whether rehabilitation would have helped these pedophiles or, not.
I wish!
Hre's Live stream of out from the front of a house
Zillions of photos etc everywhere of public standing guard day and night in front of the house and not allowing Girl to be taken out for "hand over" to biological mother...
It is really something now, as even politicians started to get involved and admit-ant of Pedophile case not being resolved prior to having dubious decisions made by the court regarding child custody
May 24th, 2010  
movement got big number of supporters update as story continues
After another court hearing, first judgment (about urgent child's hand over to biological mother) temporarily overturned
Sister/ guardian of DK daufhter N. Venckiene is still in hospital due cardiac problems
Public stand guard @ the house of Venckai and Kedziai and not allowing child to be taken out of
Protests continue supported by emigrants in Dublin, London, Chikago, Lemont as well
Few links more (most of comment are in Lithuanian, but I believe makes sense anyway)
One with En. subs
Lithuanian anti' pedophile hero found dead
May 25th, 2010  
never thought, I would post, but link from RT in English about the case
June 1st, 2010  
Kedys Case Keeps Escalating
The phenomenon of protesters gathering in Garliava, Kaunas district near Venckai house has received a lot of media and public attention. This spontaneous gathering of people from across Lithuania has received a lot of praise and criticism as well as raised questions in various society circles about the meaning and the purpose of such occurrence.

The outrage and anger of protestors has been caused after 14th of May, when Kedainiu district court ruled out to give the full custody of Kedys’s daughter to allegedly abusive mother L. Stankunaite. The judge B.Versackis commented that the ruling had to be executed immediately, on the same day.

In the video filmed by Mr Kedys, little Deimantele confirmed that the mother had taken part and given consent to the sexual abuse sessions that took place in the hotel rooms as well as L. Stankunaite’s flat. Later, when Judge B. Versackis was asked to comment on the urgency of his decision, he stated that he didn’t have enough evidence on Ms Stankunaite’s involvement in the case.

Although this court ruling has been postponed by the Panevezys district court on the 20th of May, people have been left confused by the logic of the previous ruling and continue to protest in Garliava and around the world.

Interesting Facts about Kedys Case

The prosecution office states that Kedainiai district and not Kaunas district judge was chosen for this case in order to avoid biasness; however they could not explain the fact that Judge B. Versackis used to be a lawyer in Kaunas and was previously involved in some cases with N. Venckiene -girl’s aunt, who is a judge herself.

Judge B. Versackis could not explain why he did not take notice of the fact that in official prosecutor’s files, it is stated that the alleged abuse had taken place in Stankunaite’s flat, which can indicate mother’s involvement.

Ms Stankunaite has not been made a formal suspect in this case until present. Both Ms Stankunaite and Mr Usas before Kedainiai court ruling and at present are constantly being guarded by the security, assigned by the government and have to keep changing flats. Judge B. Versackis could not explain how he sees fit for a traumatised little girl to live in these circumstances. Judge B. Versackis also could not comment why he took only 15 minutes to make his decision and did not take Child Protection officer’s report on mother’s suitability as a full custodian.

Both Mr Usas and Ms Stankunaite are being represented by the same lawyer N.Kraujutaitiene. This indicates a probable information exchange between the parties involved. So far, no one has expressed any conflict of interest objections or raised questions on this issue.

Last week the medical expert that was involved in examining Kedy’s body has been asked by the prosecution to act as a gynaecologist and examine little Deimantele. When the girl saw a grown older man asking her to undress and be examined, she started to scream and cry. The examination could not take place. No one from the prosecution raised any questions on the suitability of such person.

Deimantele has undergone 4 official psychological investigations. Although none of them has been made public yet, the word from the press as well as independent

psychologists indicate that the child has been sexually molested and is not inclined to vivid imagination and lies. The stories of the girl also indicate that the level of the abuse experienced from the main suspect businessman Mr Usas can be classified as rape, however the prosecution is refusing to change these charges.

The journalists have uncovered 4 official documents on Kedys’s post-mortem examination stating: freezing to death, heart disease, alcohol overdose and violent death. No one from the prosecution has commented on how the official version of choking on his stomach contents and not any other has been chosen. They also have not commented on N.Venckiene’s claims of seeing signs of violence on her bother’s forehead, a blood trail on his face as well as a smashed cheekbone after her visit to the morgue.

Kedys Acted Alone

On the 22nd of May, Lithuanian general prosecutor R. Petrauskas in the national press conference announced that after careful consideration and investigation, it is clear that for 2 murders of judge J. Furmanavicius and V.Naruseviciene is responsible D. Kedys. He acted alone and after committing these murders, he decisded to hide in the surrounding forests of Kaunas, where he was found dead on the 18th of April, 2010 with the murder weapon beside him.

The prosecutor and his aid did not answer any questions and journalists were left wondering, how the prosecution could make these statements before the start of Mr Usas trial. The journalist also wondered why the main suspect A.Usas and the girls mother L. Stankunaite are still being provided with the full protection from the government if it was clear for the prosecution that Mr D. Kedys was the killer and is now deceased.

On the 27th of May, Mr Usas, the Special General Prosecutor for Corruption and Organised Crime A. Kliunka, Kedys’s aunt, some protestors from Garliava and various experts took part in a talk show ‘Valanda su Ruta’ Mr Usas and the prosecutor sat together on one side and Kedys aunt with the experts on the other.

The day before the show the inside source from Garliava stated:

….’ the police is taking people from the crowd, one-by one, they bring them to the station and take statements and accuse people of breaching the law as well as state that it is not possible that we gathered there without being invited, bribed or without being influenced… Thursday was another day when the meeting with the mother had to take place. The police suggested that everyone, including us could follow the car, driven by the girl’s grandfather to the meeting place. As the convoy had started to move, the police cars blocked the road and the grandfather’s car got separated from us… We had to find other ways of getting to the meeting place. After we got there, the girl was already inside. We got upset, but the girl emerged later looking confused. She later said that she was OK…’.

Since then the government has announced about the plans for protection by the state security officers for the girl and Venckai house and the society still remains divided over this case. The protestors in Garliava keep promising to fight until the end.

This article has been put together based on various internet databases and Lithuanian newspapers:,,,,,,, to name but a few as well as witness statements from Garliava.

Edvardas Dakas
June 25th, 2010  
Update to those following this saga
1- last main suspect in the case of paedophile's in Lithuania, have been found dead under "so so" circumstances...
In the Alytus town region pedophilia case suspect A. Usas found dead (updated 11:34 pm., New photos, video)

According to sources, the famous Kaunas pedophile suspect's 35-year history A.Ūso corpse found in the southern district of Alytus. On it has informed Eigirdonių rural population.

Woman rang the police said, near the village of detection of apvirtusį keturratį motorcycle, and lying next to his dead wife.

Hurried to the scene of the General Prosecutor's Office and other law enforcement officials in Vilnius and Kaunas, and among them was the new interim head of Kaunas County Prosecutor Vladimir Kokoškinas, he gave interviews to the media.

Already made clear to the four-wheeled motorcycle as soon as June 2, was registered on behalf of A.Ūso.

Supplemented by 20:28 pm. Alytus County Police Chief distributed a letter of formal notice stating that the body found A.Ūso.

"June 13 of 17.45. Alytus district chief of police department management of operational duty staff group and from Irkutsk ambulance medics received telephonic notice that Alytus district municipality Butrimonių, Eigirdonių village, found a four-wheeled motorcycle and turned to his fallen dead person. As it turned out, the USO Jasmine (born 1974), corpse, no external physical injuries. Is the deceased was wearing protective equipment, it is not clear, "- says the report.

Improved data A.Ūso motorcycle found on the outskirts of the forest neasfaltuoto lane. This is basically not even worth to call the road that is reminiscent of a more just išvažinėtą fallow.

Four-wheeled vehicle was apvirtusi, but its engine was still operating. A.Ūso body was found fallen from the precipice and a couple of meters of water in a small telkinuke lying face down. In addition to the helmet was lying.

A.Ūsą his motorcycle and the detection of the horrible woman in the Irkutsk region Atradumu Joint Assistance Center reported rang at 15:55. But a great sukrutimas law enforcement agencies that caused only about 19 hours. Apparently, when it was identified negyvėlis. A.Ūso Eigirdonių body of the village was left about 20.30.

Supplemented by 20:52 pm. Lithuanian Republic of Acting Attorney General, Raimondas Petrauskas LTV news show "Panorama", has confirmed that the dead person - in fact, Jimmy mustache, the same is the sole suspect in pedophilia.

"To say that this is a violent death, now is not yet", - stressed the Head of the General Prosecutor's Office.

R. Petrauskas, some said the same about the circumstances which have already been described

"We want all testing to be carried out as soon as possible. Of course, a lot of information will study the corpse "- explained Mr Petrauskas.

Interim Attorney-General also said that the man had gone to ride ATV and did not return, but relatives did not have time A.Ūso miss - the body found a random passer-by.

"We have evidence that he had to go another route, but not by where he was found" - yet said R. Petrauskas.

As you know, Panevezys district court recently tried unsuccessfully to open the resonant pedophilia case, which was suspected of being an entrepreneur A.Ūsas molest the little girl, the daughter of chairs. The first meeting occurred, as allegedly occurred in the suspect's lawyer.

Already next week, on Wednesday, June 16th, Panevezys planned to hold a second hearing in this case. It is now clear that the death of a single suspected case will be closed.

As is known, has worked A.Ūsas former Chairman of the Seimas Viktoras Muntianas assistant public. Pilietininkų A.Ūsas party tried to make a career, when in February 2007 participated in the Lithuanian Republic of municipal council elections.

Central Election Commission provides the data show that in 1992 in Kaunas A.Ūsas graduated from high school and later joined the Lithuanian Agricultural University, but completed the study.

Profile politician was referring to his main job is director of the company post "Eurotechnika. A man has with English, Russian and German languages.

Among the candidate mentioned in the travel preferences and policies. Family members were mentioned in the list Ariana wife, daughter and son Justin Martin. Ariana with a man about to split, but after a while and has recently lived with Gouda.

Supplemented by 21:45 pm. Alytus County DAC Management Specialist Simona organization Ludavičiūtė Sunday evening, in addition reported that A.Ūsas wearing sports pants, shirt and jacket, also wearing a helmet. The helmet was found near the corpse dropped. Pond water level to above the knees. From farm, which was visited by a person found by accident - about 3 miles.

Irkutsk police spokeswoman stressed that this information is preliminary and may be adjusted.

Supplemented by 22:15 pm. logo Gasiulis correspondent from the scene in the village Eigirdonių reports that about 22 hours. leave the casualty ATV. black Yamaha motorcycle does not appear badly damaged, only the front left wheel apsivėlęs grasses. It is evident that ATV apynaujis.

An interesting detail: at dusk on site working with professional metal detector. It is scanning the earth's surface.

The relatively small, about 50 meters long and 20 meters wide, the area police are pamiškėje aptvėrusi. Around which gathered a number of curious, mostly surrounding villages. The accident site also employs large number of media representatives.

After 22 hrs. working at the scene of two police cars arrived criminologists.

Complementing 22.50. Eigirdonių village man who first found and reported dead A.Ūsą about special services, farmers' holdings themselves.

Half-life of a man told reporters that before 16 hours. tie went to the pasture and watering their cows. From the suburbs to be the place where the pre-cooked, motorcycle, perfectly visible, it is a half century for the meters.

A farmer found the man lying on his face in the water. Valdas states believe that the victim did not show any signs of life, but played and doctors and policemen.

According to Managing, the first officers arrived about 15 minutes.

Updated 7:12 pm. As newspaper "Lithuanian Morning" R. Petrauskas said, "the original survey data suggest that there are no conspiracy theories should not be created. The žuvusiojo body found traces of violence, so you can guess that the man fell ill while traveling and fell from the motorcycle. Constantly we hear about these cases. " However, he stressed that in all matters relating to A.Ūso death, experts answer.

Meanwhile, the daily newspaper "Lithuanian Morning" a source close to the investigation said Sunday evening that no one can deny the murder and versions.

It is true that after the initial inspection of external injuries on the body A.Ūso found, suggests that he did not die from shock after the collision, and for any sudden užklupusios disease. In addition, there was a motorcycle brake marks.

Updated 7:49 pm. R. Petrauskas Lithuanian radio said that a preliminary investigation on the death A.Ūso thereafter. He also reiterated that it could not yet say that the death was violent A.Ūso - it may only become apparent after the investigation.

Last updated 10:42 pm. Alytus County Police Chief distributed a report outlining some of the details A.Ūso death. It is reported that the ATV was not overturned, but was entering the water body - the water level in the place of several. ATV was lying next to the corpse of a man's face into the water. Gas-fired weapon which A.Ūsas vežiojosi self-defense, was found in the car, which arrived at the farm. Currently looking A.Ūso documents. It is reported that a four-wheeled motorcycle was purchased on 4 June from Cesis city.

After a few hours (exact time is unknown, pending clarification of the movement's wife), from Alytus A.Ūso body will be transported to the State Forensic Service at the Ministry of Justice medical forensic laboratory for further research. Currently awaiting a decision A.Ūso wife, or someone will be accompanied by relatives or his wife will go only to officials.

Last updated 11:19 pm. City officials report that A.Ūso car found two guns fired, which A.Ūsas vežiojosi self-defense. Get the car to find medicines and other items. The farm, which was visited by A.Ūsas, criminologists going to take place only if it is found that violent death. Until now no data on it, criminologists see homestead will not take place again. The pretrial investigation uniting Kaunas County Prosecutor's Office. The study group headed by prosecutors in Alytus and Kaunas. Prosecutors who belong to the group, is currently unclear.

Last updated 11:34 pm. According to the news portal on the basis of their sources before they die A.Ūsas was intoxicated.
Child, of D Kedys and Biological Pervert Stankunaite remains With sister of Kedys (Venckiene) after another two court hearings
June 27th, 2010  
Ūsas death theories circulate
VILNIUS — Various theories have started circulating surrounding the death of the alleged pedophile Andrius Ūsas, who body was found face down in shallow swamp water on the weekend.

Ūsas the only man charged by a court with molesting the daughter of Drąsius Kedys. The late Kedys also accused murdered District Court Judge Jonas Furmanavičius and another man only identified as Aidas.

Ūsas’ body was found face down and without a helmet on next to his all-terrain vehicle (ATV). The ATV had been driven down a slope and came to rest in the water which was said to be “ankle-deep” by those at the scene. His wife Guoda Ūsienė said that she had seen him put on his helmet before driving off into the forest, though when he was found he was not wearing it.

Police revealed that when his blood was tested, that he had a reading of 3 per mille of alcohol, or a blood alcohol content of 0.30 percent. Police believe the intense state of drunkeness is a contributing factor to his death.

Police found no signs of struggle or physical harm on the body and the Prosecutor General’s Office have ruled out suspicious circumstances in his death, asking the public not to buy into conspiracy theories of murder.

Ūsienė informed Lietuvos Rytas that on the morning of his death, he was not afraid of attacks and was in a good mood. Ūsas had been under private security watch and police protection since the Kedys saga began.

Ūsas’ father said that he thinks his son drove off the road into the swamp, took off his helmet while trying to push the ATV out of the water and was attacked by hitmen or thugs who drowned him. Though Usas had just bought the ATV, his father said he was very good at riding it and it was unlikely, in his mind, that he had simply driven into the swamp and fallen in face down.

The possibility of a heart attack was mentioned, but his cardiologist, to which he complained of heart trouble earlier, said that it was unlikely. A full autopsy is being carried out.

The death has prompted politicians of the highest level to get involved.

Speaker of the Seimas Irena Degutienė said she wanted independent forensic experts to get involved in the case because of the heated nature of the issue.

Many in the country believe in the conspiracy theory that complex pedophile rings exist in the political and business elite and that this was a killing to silence a rogue member of the group that could reveal all to the police.

“What I hear in society, everything is very strange — Kedys choked, Ūsas drowned in a puddle. Everything seems like a detective script for some movie. Indeed, that would be more clear and transparent. The case is actually very important and scandalous and needs to actually answer the question whether there is a pedophile network in Lithuania. The prosecution has a very important task to find out anything completely objectively, so that the public can finally get the answers to their questions,” Degutienė told Lithuanian Radio on Wednesday morning.

She said that the case would be a test for the new Prosecutor General Darius Valys, who was sworn in on Monday.
July 6th, 2012  
I think it's important that we emphasize how such things as pedophilia are used as control mechanisms. That is, kids are raped and then it's used against them to get them to do things that they shouldn't or not do things that they should.

I've created a Facebook webpage with the objective of placing an emphasis on such things, how such shame factors as this and closet queers are being used to control people.

It's important that people know about this since it's this system that intentionally rapes and abuses kids for the purposes of controlling people.

If we realize the mechanism responsible for why kids are getting raped and abused then we can be more effective in preventing it.

I'd appreciate it if you'd have a look and "Like" the page here:

Knowing how this system rapes and abuses kids is one of the most important things that you can do to fight against pedophilia.

Clint Mclean

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