Links and information for Military Academys

April 27th, 2004  
Mark Conley

Topic: Links and information for Military Academys

Good Day Young U.S. aspirants that wish to be officers:

From the numerous posts we get on the forum, there appears to be quite a few of you young people out there that want to go one of the military academys to learn to be an officer and a gentleperson (P.C. man i dislike it)

To help you on you way to an academy life, here are some sites that are must reads:

For the basics on the three main military academys (Navy, Army, and Air Force)

for the number of eligible slots to these three academys, and the number that can be nominated:

The Coast Guard Academy is an Academic entry academy only (no nominations needed but you had better be bright!)

Believe it or not, one of the most overlooked academys is the merchant marine academy. its four years, and you have an engineering degree. You must be nominated by a senator or a representative: they don't take military nomination like the other academys.

Consult that first chart carefully. I never knew that the Vice President could nominate a person to the Academys.

And as they say...the earlier you start this process, the better.

Good Luck young aspirants. Hope to salute you in the near future....