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Lieberman wants Iran punished
June 16th, 2007  
Lieberman wants Iran punished
AQ has already been issued the fatwah and they have in turn warned us in explicit language that a nuclear attack will be carried out on American soil. Its a foregone conclusion. AQ doesn't bluff, its just a game now of when and where and trying to out**** the ****ers before they **** us. Iran and AQ... two birds of just a slightly different shade. AQ acts on their own with no state. Iran as a state uses proxies to wage its attacks. To my mind this is a specious difference when it comes to protecting my family and friends. I'm willing to go pre-emptive because it is inevitable that there will be a nuke or dirty bomb detonated in my lifetime on American soil.
June 16th, 2007  
Del Boy
We are currently foiling attempts to detonate dirty bombs here on a large scale. Home grown bombers inspired by the Iran's and AQs of the world with their digusting primitive Immams who prefer not speak English. We suffered from not believing their threats. They think we are such useless bastards.

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