Leaving ship/ Arrival... where?

January 24th, 2015  

Topic: Leaving ship/ Arrival... where?

Can anyone who knows WWll and their Geography help me identify the arrival photo by the landscape? I'd very much appreciate it. The're mountains in the scape, palm trees, but also deciduous trees. Low lying areas . I realize the photos are a tad blurry. They (a heck of a lot of soldiers arrived in uboats on the beaches). The fox holes were dug of course under the Palm trees, looked like small, long- ish triangles, or very short Viking long houses. Branches with net. Oh, and we're talking about 1945-47ish. And lot of men there....

January 25th, 2015  
If these are photos of your fathers service and given that he says he was in Panama in a medical role I would suggest that what you are looking at is the San Jose Project (San Jose Island, Panama).

One thing that leads me to this conclusion is that what you seem to be describing as Uboats (pictures 1 and 2) look to me like LCU's (Landing Craft Utility) which are mentioned in the documentary on the San Jose Project where it talks about using them instead of building a port facility.
January 29th, 2015  
Well it not europe

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