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Least Favorite Military Commander
April 19th, 2004  
Least Favorite Military Commander
Animal Mother is correct, Manstein plan called for a armour thrust through the ardennes to cut off the BEF and major portion of French forces that had moved into Belguim to stop Von Bock's forces.
April 19th, 2004  

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I personally hate Hitler for obvious reasons, but what other idiots should i know about?
Ok you may hate hitler for what he did to the jewish people, but if it wasn't for him we may not have all the medical advancements that we have today thanks to The Angel of Death, Josef Mengele, the infamous doctor of Auschwitz. If hi tler wouldn't of ran his death camps we may still have diseases that had no cure. Hitler gave mengele specimens to work on. Also a lot of the german society todaymay love hitler, not because of his beleifs such as the arian nation, but because he reformed the nation.
I would rather have diseases without cure!
April 19th, 2004  
Id have to say William T. Sherman. Just dont like what he did in the Civil War to achieve victory. And another leader/ruler would probably be Nero. He would kill christians and/or burn them as they hung from poles so the city could be lit up. sick man.
Least Favorite Military Commander
April 19th, 2004  
*cough* Saddam 1991 *cough*
May 22nd, 2004  
May 22nd, 2004  
Every dingle hitlers hanchman,except Rommel
June 4th, 2004  
bush musketeer

Topic: comanders

a couple of commander i dont like :

general haig(the butcher) fromm ww1
general blamey(an aussie)
general sir ian hamilton( gallipoli) grr
general macarthur
general gough
June 9th, 2004  
Hitler could be considered a commander...he micromanaged everything so he could be listed as someones least favorite.

As far as my least fave commander...it'd be an old Brigade Commander we had. He was more politician than he was soldier.
July 9th, 2004  
I don't believe that I could pick just one...

William Cumberland (The butcher of Culloden)

Ambrose E. Burnside - just for being a moron

General Horatio Gates - amazing that someone with so little talent could be sooo arrogant. He won one battle and thought he should replace Washington as commander of the Continental Army!

P.G.T Beauregard - that man could not get along with anyone!

John Bell Hood - A decent subordinate general but was devastating to the South when independent.

Charles DeGaulle - what can I really say other than he was just a jerk!

Maurice Gustave Gamelin

There are other but I'd better quit now or my list will get too long
March 12th, 2005  
Alexander "Butcher" Haig, whose military strategy was essentially "I have more men than the Hun has bullets" and bears most of the responsibility for the Somme disaster

Douglas MacArthur, an overrated mama's boy who ordered the army to shoot at American vets and triggered the Chinese involvement in the Korean War.

And I probably would not have liked fighting under Patton..."our blood, his guts" one soldier quipped. A martinet who made his soldiers wear ties in battle. He was of the same stripe as the British Army commanders of WWI: the ones who'd ride their horses by the filth-filled, rat- and louse-infested trenches, and order soldiers horsewhipped or spreadeagled on gun carriages (target for the snipers) for such heinous crimes as missing a uniform button.