Leadership Tips - Page 2

May 10th, 2004  
[quote="tough_girl"] And alot of times when I get at one or 2 of them they do they whole.. "What did I do?" and " I wasn't doin' any thin'!" its funny cause they say this as I'm walking towards them before I have even said anything.

obviously when they say this, they're guilty of whatever they were trying to deny. that or they have a REALLY guilty concience. Level down with them, tell them to stop acting stupid, that you are very human and that you are well aware that they are acting up. Usually when you express to them you expect better, or speak to them on a very even basis they tend to want to work harder because they feel that your doing this for them as much for yourself, if not more. you have to realize that you cannot be a D.I. and embarrass them all the time- they're not in basic training, they're just in highschool. its good to try and boost their level of esteem by treating them as if they are/could carrying that weight now... just keep that in the back of your mind. talk to them like youre helping not discplining. sometimes being the "hard-ass" is not the most mature- looking way to accomplish teamwork, i should know: i'm in charge of a drill team. i was first sgt. for a year (the person who preps them and keeps them in line)- and that takes a lot of yelling and bitching (pardon my french), and it occasionally leads to them rebelling. talking to them in a "down to earth" tone, and still letting them know its YOU thats in charge seemed to help. for example when they say "what i didnt do anything!" you can respond with " grow up, or listen we dont need this right now." let them know you're human without letting them know your vulnerable. geez i'm not sure if you get anything out of this... its easier to show you.... let me know how things go and maybe i can help. but obviously your SNSI/NSI's hold you in high esteem if youre going to the Leadership Academy. i was to go this summer- and then i transfered. good luck to you.