LAV 25 vehicle specs

October 3rd, 2006  

Topic: LAV 25 vehicle specs

G'day all

Further to my post on FM 5-33 I'm trying to find some specs for the LAV25. Specifically:

Maximum On-road gradability
Maximum Off-road gradability
Override Diameter at breast height
vehicle cone index for 1 pass
vehicle cone index for 50 passes
military load class

A reference would be great but any information is appreciated.

October 4th, 2006  
Here's some stuff I dug up. I'm afraid it isn't as specific in all areas as you might want.
October 4th, 2006  
Thanks MovingOTarget it did confirm the turning radius.

I had a chat to a mate in 2 CAV and he said the LAVs are basically 13 ton chain saws, helpfull, but didn't really fit with the specs that FM 5-33 gave for the M1 and the M113.

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