Latest submissions to FM 101-5-1 (Operational Terms

Latest submissions to FM 101-5-1 (Operational Terms
December 29th, 2003  

Topic: Latest submissions to FM 101-5-1 (Operational Terms

Latest submissions to FM 101-5-1 (Operational Terms
Here are the latest submissions to the new FM 101-5-1 (Operational Terms and Graphics)

Police-Up: An Infantry operation to defeat the remaining enemy on an objective after Armor forces a by-pass or attempt to avoid confrontation.

Primary hammer, The Hammer: A cool operational term to impress a superior when describing the finishing force, or the main effort.

Back-Stop: A term used to cover a staff failure to properly wargame a course of action. A term used by infantry showing how "Hope” is a method incorporated to defeat the enemy. " If the enemy gets through the engagement area, we have Delta Company placed here - to back stop the Battalion defense."

Fan-Out: A dismounted operation involving soldiers on the ground maximizing the amount of terrain they can cover or disperse over.

Paint the Picture: A term used to gather information and assess the situation, usually asked by senior leaders to junior leaders. Most Often invoked after the senior leader has gotten sleep and knows absolutely nothing of the tactical situation, while the battle captain has been up all night.

Dick-Dancing: A term of endearment about you used by your brigade or battalion commander. Usually based on cause and effect; usually used after you fail to demonstrate how to properly execute a task.

Critical Terrain: Terrain that if not secured, grabbed, taken or camped out on - you are screwed. A new category to describe terrain in FM 34-130 (Critical - Decisive - Key).

Kick-Out: An armor technique used to employ light infantry to clear severely restricted terrain in order to allow the armor to pass.

Hey, Diddle, Diddle: Group of words used to describe a possible COA that allows for no analytical thought and ensures a minimum 75% casualty rate. Known also, to the USMC, as High, Diddle, Diddle.

Pound the shit out of: Somewhere between disrupt and destroy and slightly more than neutralize.

Flex: A really cool sounding non-doctrinal term used to maneuver a unit from one location to another. Used primarily when you don't have a clue where you are or how the hell to get to the new location.

Technique: A noun, used in the phrase, "That's a technique." Translated, "That's a really screwed up way to execute this operation and you will probably kill your entire unit. But if you want to do it that way, go ahead."

Hang out: To establish a position characterized by a total lack of security, soldiers asleep in hammocks and a huge BBQ pit turning out chow. A task usually accomplished by Air Defenders.

Bells and whistles: An inordinate amount of cheese, not required to get necessary information communicated to another individual or group of individuals. Commonly associated with Canine and Equestrian Theater.

Blah, Blah, Blah: Short for, "You know what I'm going to say anyway, so I'm not going to waste our time to actually say it." Also Yada Yada Yada, or Homina Homina, or humma humma humma.

Let's Rock Baby: Radio Communications pro-word for, "Guidons, this is 2 Panther 6, FRAGO follows, acknowledge, over."

Gettin' Jiggy With It: A friendly oriented, offensive form of maneuver that simultaneously utilizes at least three maneuver elements.

Drive By: Engaging the enemy while bypassing. Meets both the destruction and bypass criteria given in the OPORD.

Zipping Around: An aviation movement technique in which the helicopters appear to fly around aimlessly at a high rate of speed impressing the Ground Combat Troops with their speed and dash. Occasionally encompasses "Gettin' Jiggy With It" and usually used in a zone reconnaissance.

Gucci Move: Altering Commander's Intent, commander's guidance, or violating the fundamentals of reconnaissance or security operations.

Be****led: Confused, characterized by a state of genuine, profound disorientation - perpetual state of all Chemical units.

Get Up and Haul Ass: A movement technique that requires all elements within the organization to cross the LD yesterday.

Kabuki Dick Dance: Deceptive movement technique and/or creative verbiage used in explanations designed to baffle enemy forces as to the main axis of advance as well as perplex higher chains of command on what the true purpose of your mission really is. Common most among the Field Artillery.

Flail-Ex: Also known as the planning process.

SELFCON - This is when a junior commander (usually a captain) comes to the realization that his higher is completely clueless (perhaps even be****led) so he simply attaches himself and his command to another unit.

Cheetah Flips: The Course of Action Development phase of the Military Decision Making Process in an imagined crisis environment (often replicated by headquarters during daily operations).

Squirrel Ex: The Wargaming phase of the MDMP after all Cheetah Flips are completed, briefed and refined. The Squirrel Ex phase normally culminates with a 102 color slide briefing clearly outlining
what can be said in one well-written paragraph (formerly know as the Commander's intent and / or concept of the operation). This phase is often called a Cheese Ex. This is the Force XXI cause of the "Fog of War".

Take-Down: An aggressive former wrestling term used to describe your actions on the objective and inherent lack of regard for the enemy's capabilities.

Sweep: A fluid, noncontinuous form of battlespace dominance usually combined with zippin' around or gettin' jiggy with it.

Mop-up: A term for the actions occurring just after you discover you are actually on the objective, in the enemy's fire-sack, you pick it that implies a willingness to expose oneself to lethal fires.

Phase: Infantry term for we don't know how to write paragraph three.

Hit: Term for applying massed effects against the enemy. As in " First we'll hit these guys over here then we'll hit these guys, and then the guys over here will be hit with asymmetrical dominance from assets from EAC."

Boned: A term used in response to orders issued from a higher commander. As in, "I am the counter-reconnaissance company and the battalion reserve at the same time - I got BONED"

Triple-Hull Down: A term associated with force-protection, fratricide and self-preservation. In order to prevent being fired on by friends when saying something stupid, hiding from the boss who has a tasker that only you can fill, or to cover your ass from being smoked by anyone.
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i know this is off topic but i was wondering Gunner13 where and when you went to CGSC
Latest submissions to FM 101-5-1 (Operational Terms
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I finished C&GSOC in 1998 via correspondence. I actually started it in 1992 under the old 4 year, 6 phase program and had to start all over again when they closed that out and substituted the 3 year, 4 phase program - not fun.
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