Last US Army draftee retires

November 7th, 2014  

Topic: Last US Army draftee retires

40 years!
November 8th, 2014  
This is good very good the Army is losing a good man this Country is gaining a good man , no negative just curious about the WO-5 .
April 22nd, 2016  
SP5/E5 Tony
Hey Tetvet,
When we were in there were only 4 levels of Warrant Officers; now there are 5.
SP5/E5 Tony
April 24th, 2016  
Remington 1858
Some who were drafted found that they liked it. My father-in-law was drafted into the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War ( yes, they did that then ). He stayed thirty years, became a pilot and retired as a Colonel.

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