Last Stand In Iraq? - Page 6

February 28th, 2006  
Mohmar Deathstrike
There are signs that the insurgents are actually losing the conflict against the USA:

American military fatalities by month

10-2005 96
11-2005 84
12-2005 68
1-2006 62
2-2006 53
March 12th, 2006  
the insurgency will last for freaking ever. there will not be a last stand unless it is by american forces which i doubt. they wont be like neo nazis, they will continually fight.

you just need to understand this fact. they have outside support (taliban, hezbollah, the chechens) the war will end when we leave.

oh and mohmar, that proves nothing, if you follow the links and look at the months you will see many casualty spikes up and down, also the fact that insurgents target not only americans but iraqi security forces increasingly in number