"Last Man Club" - mp3 and lyrics

July 4th, 2005  

Topic: "Last Man Club" - mp3 and lyrics

Copyright 2005 Webster & Tolbert

He drove the last twenty miles with his left turn signal on
He takes a right at the church and he parks on the lawn
Stands in the rain as he pulls off his gloves
He's the last man standing, in the last man club

The graveside service it didn't last too long
They said a few words and sang a few songs
When asked to speak he talked of this country he loved
He's the last man standing, in the last man club

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Forgotten wars, forgotten trust
A purple heart thats been washed in the blood
Of everyone that came before him
In the last man club

Laid in the back is a flag folded neat
With a bottle of cognac tucked underneat
Tonight he'll drink a toast to the men up above
He's the last man standing in the Last Man Club

Repeat Chorus

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This song was inspired by a coworker who recently attended the funeral of a WWII Vet from his church. He told me that all the living members of this man's unit showed up at the funeral.

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