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July 14th, 2009  
Man, I never like Brock Lesner. Very unsportsmanlike of him. I wanna see Fedor E. kick his eventually.....eventually.
July 14th, 2009  
Rob Henderson
It's just the way Brock Lesnar is.... He's a very aggressive, mean, in-your-face kinda guy. Mir made him look like an idiot (tapping out is the worst way to go, for me...) so he wanted his revenge. When you couple that with the fact that hardly any fans of UFC give Lesnar any credit (oh, he's just a WWE fake, he can't fight) blah blah blah, it's gonna start up a fire.

He's built his whole career on being a villain. He's not a nice, happy go lucky fighter... He's an *******. Either you love him or you hate him for it... Personally, I love him for it. The UFC needs some personality. I'm not saying go full on WWE with scripts and predetermined outcomes, but who doesn't like a little drama when they see two men go at it... It takes both competitors to a higher level of intensity.
August 9th, 2009  
Rob Henderson
So, anyone catch UFC 101???

**************SPOILER ALERT***************************


Well, overall, I felt the night really lacked the energy of UFC 100... I know it wasn't as big, but there were some (potentially) really great fights.... The first few were just okay... A lot of grappling on the ground and not really doing anything. But then came along Anderson Silva.... We ALL knew he was capable of producing a great fight... But I've come to believe that the man is a demi-god! To take on Forrest Griffin, a great UFC fighter, with no guard, is epic.... To WIN against Forrest Griffin with no guard is UNREAL. It was a beautiful thing. LOL

The BJ Penn fight REALLY disappointed me.... Not gonna lie.

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