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July 3rd, 2009  
Originally Posted by major liability
I wonder if a cop would think if you got pulled over with that Klingon thing sitting there.
LOL - I can imagine the Convoy Orders...

"Actions on ambush; Initiate Break-Contact."
"Actions on pulled-over by gang-banger; Initiate Fire and movement"
"Actions on pulled-over by state trooper; Initiate Klingon Mating Ritual..."
July 6th, 2009  
sven hassell
should always travel with firearm UK you would get 5 years no argument for traveling with a weapon in that condition.(yes I know semi auto rifles not allowed at all but single shot comparison)). a side on auto smash is 100 times more likely than an attempted robbery and the last thing you want in a road accident is a 7.62x39 round going off in your direction killing you or another innocent. GUN SAFETY-Means being a pessimist. expect the worst and any thing else is a bonus. As for robery if the AK is the only weapon available to you the cocking time is negligable.

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