Kyphosis and the USNavy

August 30th, 2005  

Topic: Kyphosis and the USNavy

I'm a 20 y/o female dead set on enlisting in the Navy. I have mild scoliosis (17-degree curve) and mild kyphosis (not sure of the curve measurement). The kyphosis is a cosmetic problem that I'm trying to correct with exercises because I'm self-conscious about it, but it doesn't cause me pain or interfere with my movement at all. Basically, the kyphosis isn't very noticeable but it keeps me from being able to stand up perfectly straight. I'm trying to get an idea of my chances of being denied joining the Navy. Do they measure your spine at MEPS if it looks like you may have a deformity? Is there any way to get a waiver if you're only slightly over the limit (55 degrees for kyphosis)? As I said, I don't think my kyphosis is very severe.
August 31st, 2005  
My best advice to you would be to seek the advice of a civilian Medical Doctor who is connected to the military (i.e. in the Reserves or National Guard) for advice on this. I doubt that anyone here could give you any meaningful advice except for those who might be familiar with the medical regs. I did a google search of kyphosis and found several sites. However one thing stood out and I quote:
Any kyphotic curve that is more than 50 degrees is considered abnormal.
It seems to me that this condition in addition to the scoliosis will make it very difficult for you to pass a military physical. I do, however, admire your determination to serve and commend you for that. Good luck to you, and by the way Welcome aboard the forums.