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September 25th, 2009  

Topic: Kriss Vector SMG

The Kriss Vector SMG has a new and unusual mechanism that seems to do as intended. That is it greatly reduces recoil and muzzle climb while making the .45 ACP's various advantages available in a close quarters weapon.

The HK Mp5 has filled the same role, but it's a 9 mm and the bullet packs less mass and less stopping power. The .45acp,a subsonic round,works well with a silencer. This is very relevant for Spec Ops. A rather light weapon with low kick+climb and optimal silencing + stopping power is a lot of the wish list.

I'd noticed that there is a cartridge called the 454 Casul. basically,a longer magnum version of the .45 rimmed cartridge used in revolvers. An interesting point is that a gun chambered for 454 Casul also fires the regulatr .45 revolver round. There is even a more potent,slightly longer version,I think called S+W 460. These more powerful variants COULD be done in the rimless ACP type,with the same relative ballistics. I could also guess a round can be designed that's a Sabot 30 cal streamlined bullet in a 454 Casul type bullet.
Why? The basic .45's subsonic muzzle velocity is a plus when silenced but it's a bullety for short range only. The Casull type bullet would have a lot more Zip, velocity and so,more range. Doing a sabot 7.52 mm bullet or even a sabot 5.56 can mean much more range. The Casull/ACP variant with a smaller more aero bullet ought to be able to match the range + power of an AK47. On a mission a soldier could have mags for nearly any role he'd encounter. The 454 Casul's main drawback is a lot of recoil. As a handgun round it is pushing the limit. However...the Kriss setup greatly reduced kick+climb,which should make an Auto Casull viable.

Obviously, I have no way to test and verify. I have no experiance in stealth Spec ops or urban combat. I probably won't ever touch a Kriss. I'm tossing out an "in theory" concept for those with field experiance. I do the "in theory" parts well. What I can't bring is the field experiance.

ideally, the Kriss layout can be improved a bit. I'm VERY impressed by the layout of the FNP90. I LIKE how the P90 is so compactly packaged. I could see a scale up for 45 acp but without the tech to reduce kick+climb a P80 done as .45 acp can be great in a niche role but I tend to doubt it could be modded up to do the more powerful versions of the .45

As is, the P90 is very well suited to para use. It's a design that's great for prone position or any case where you'd rather not have stuff that stichs out and may hook or snag at a bad time.

Here's the thing....picture a weapon that blends the best of the Kriss and the P90 with the extra punch a 454 Casull variant can add. Not sure it is possile ut it might come close.

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