Krigskorset m/sverd (War Cross w/sword) awarded for the first time since WW2

February 2nd, 2011  

Topic: Krigskorset m/sverd (War Cross w/sword) awarded for the first time since WW2

"Krigskorset m/sverd", or "War Cross w/sword" in English was just awarded posthumously to a Norwegian Special Operations operator who was killed in action on June 27. 2010 by an IED in Afghanistan.
This is the first time the War Cross w/sword has been awarded for actions after WW2, so it's really about time!!

From Wikipedia:
Krigskorset med Sverd or the War Cross with Sword is the highest ranking Norwegian gallantry decoration. It is awarded for extraordinary brave actions or extraordinary leadership during combat. If a recipient is deemed worthy of additional citations up to three swords will be added
Awards of the War Cross halted in 1949, but were resumed following the revision of the statutes in June 2009. The first subsequent award was made posthumously on 2 October 2009 to Eiliv Austlid for actions in April 1940,[5] settling a case that had been discussed in the press for some time

On January 21. 2011, the War Cross with Sword was awarded posthumously to Special Operations operator Lieutenant Commander Trond André Bolle. The decision was announced by the Minister of Defence, Grete Faremo, shortly after the cabinet session the same day.[2] Lt.Cmdr. Bolle receives the award for his actions and behaviour during his command of the Norwegian Special Operations Force Task Group II in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan's Helmand province from october 2005 to february 2006. According to the Minister of Defence, Lt.Cmdr Bolle performed "above and beyond the call of duty" on numerous occasions during this period, his leadership was described as "exemplary". Lieutenant Commander Trond André Bolle was killed in action on June 27. 2010, in an IED incident in Afghanistan's Faryab province. Three other soldiers, Christian Lian, Simen Tokle and Andreas Eldjarn were also killed in the incident, which happened on the road between Khwaja Gawhar and Almar Bazar. The vehicle was the fourth vehicle in a row of 4 vehicles. This award marks the first award of the War Cross with Sword for actions performed after the end of World War II. The award will be presented on Veterans day (also WWII VE-day), May 8. 2011, presumably to the family of Lieutenant Commander Bolle.
The official news article in Norwegian about it:

Google translate of it

Google translate isn't the best on Norwegian -> English, but you should hopefully understand most of it...

Speech by the Minister of Defence from the award ceremony

Google translate of it

RIP Hero!

As a sidenote I can also add that only 147 War Crosses w/sword has been awarded to Norwegians (281 in total including foreigners),
and I'm very proud that one of them is actually in my family (from WW2).
February 3rd, 2011  
Well deserved!

"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say; For Their Tomorrow; We gave Our Today"

Rest in peace; Norwegian brothers

February 4th, 2011  
I can add that he was awarded the War Cross for his actions with the Norwegian SOF in Afghanistan in 05-06, but due to 4 years of internal disagreement in our government he unfortunately was killed by an IED in a later tour down there (2010) before he was awarded it posthumously, and that's really a great shame..

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