Koreans in China: Asia's dirty secret

April 6th, 2006  

Topic: Koreans in China: Asia's dirty secret

6 April, 2006
14 South Korean missionaries disappear

Two of their companions claimed the missionaries were kidnapped in Liaoning, where they are being kept as hostages.

Seoul (AsiaNews) The South Korean Foreign Ministry and Seoul police are searching for 14 Christian missionaries after receiving a report saying they were kidnapped in China. Seoul's Mapo Police Station said on Tuesday, 4 April, that it received the report from two missionaries who left for Dalian in China's northeastern Liaoning province with 14 others late last month.

The two missionaries who called the Mapo police on Monday, 3 April, said the 14 missionaries were kidnapped and were being kept as hostages in that area of the country. Police also said the two had announced their intention to return to Seoul after the phone call, but apparently they did not board their plane. The ministry and police are asking for cooperation from Chinese public security authorities to solve the mystery.

The work of foreign missionaries in China is often to serve around 400,000 North Korean illegal immigrants, who cross the north-east border in search of food and work.

Since the Chinese government has decided to help Pyongyang by repatriating the refugees, they are forced to in hiding, waiting for a chance to make it to another destination. For them, repatriation means prison, torture, prolonged interrogation and forced labour. Prison terms are so tough in North Korea, due to mistreatment and lack of food, that a large number of prisoners do not survive them.

North Korean refugees who convert usually after they meet Christian missionaries and volunteers helping them face even greater risks. If tracked down and sent back to their homeland, their punishment would be even more brutal, possibly resulting in death.

To help refugees, Christian organizations and missionaries give financial assistance to those in need of money. Often they put them in contact with diplomatic offices in China, so that they have the chance to flee abroad, frequently to South Korea. Most families of Chinese and Korean Christians living in China adopt North Korean children, who regularly convert to Christianity.

In recent years, Beijing and Pyongyang have enacted even more repressive measures to hunt down refuges and those who help them.
April 9th, 2006  
This people escape one truly crap hole of a communist society and move into a better crap hole communist society. They find the power of Jesus Christ, and what happens.

The oh so "wondeful "communist government of the PRC sends these people back by force to North Korea. Yup, freedom of Religon alright. Forcing the followers of Jesus Christ to pray and preach underground.

God will one day strike down those that restrict his followers. And I think that I'm part of that plan.

I just hope that these people are able to escape what ever horrors they live and enjoy peace in their lives.
April 12th, 2006  
Those of us who live in a free democracy should be thankful for our right of freedom of religion.
April 13th, 2006  
Originally Posted by tomtom22
Those of us who live in a free democracy should be thankful for our right of freedom of religion.
Amen TomTom