Korean war - Page 2

June 24th, 2004  
If you know Chinese language, please see the book <The Korean War> written by US Army general Matthew Ridgway.
The Chinese edition: http://www.cj888.com/book/jun/korean/index.html

Also, you can see Chinese books about Korean War, but you must know Chinese language.
《Far East Korean War 》 written by Wang Shuzeng : http://www.oash.com/read/military/y/ydcs/
,《Hanjiang Blood》written by Ye Yumeng: http://www.bookhome.net/lishi/other/hjx/
《Black Snow》written by Ye Yumeng: http://www.bookhome.net/lishi/junshi/heixue/

In addition, last year the Russian made the former USSR’s archives about Korean War open, through which you can know something interesting!!
June 26th, 2004  
silent driller
Of course the Chinese were involved! Korea borders C on the south. North Korea and C were both Communist and Russia was the main supplier of weaponry to both countries.

...This is getting rediculous! All I see is the letter C for C .