Korean Air wins US$400 mln order from U.S. Air Force

September 29th, 2011  

Topic: Korean Air wins US$400 mln order from U.S. Air Force

Korean Air Lines Co., South Korea's top air carrier, said Monday that it has clinched a US$400 million order from the U.S. Air Force to improve and repair F-15 fighter jets.

Under the deal with the U.S. Air Force, Korean Air will work on 60 F-15 fighters stationed in the Pacific region by 2016, replacing their tail wings and re-wiring them in line with the U.S. military's project to improve its combat strength.

Korean Air said it will also carry out maintenance work.

The South Korean carrier has repaired some 530 F-15 fighter jets of U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy since 1983.
September 29th, 2011  
530 military aircraft of the U.S. Armed forces you mean.

The U.S. Army and Navy do not operate that particular platform.

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