You know you've been in cadets too long when...

November 12th, 2004  

Topic: You know you've been in cadets too long when...

You know you've been in cadets too long when...

You can outfit your entire family in cadet-related clothes and still have some left over.
You age out.
You feel more comfortable in uniform than in civvies.
Instead of spending time with family on holidays, you're down at the cadet building.
You feel uncomfortable outside without a headdress.
You dream of wonderful drill routines.
You compare fast food restaurants to messes you have been to... (ex: hmm this McDonalds has way better food than Blackdown's mess, yet not as good as Quantico's).
You have visions of your country's flag being raised at camp during muster parade when you hear the national anthem.
You fold your bath towel in half, drape it over your shoulder and head to your room, where you have a sibling help you fold it like a flag.
You get angered at people who are walking instead of marching while watching a parade on TV.
You habitually eat cookies and drink "Juicy Juice with 25% real juice" at some point during the morning, and call it a freshie.
You salute your mailman.
When your teacher is talking about military issues and you stand up to correct him/her.
When you walk down the hallway and try to make a cadence as you walk.
When you get out of bed at 5:55 laughing because you beat the 6:00 reveille.
When people you talk about are labeled male and female instead of guys and chicks.
When you start ironing your jeans and pressing your t-shirts.
When you go to a website named cadet-world to meet friends.
When you start calling your female teachers "Ma'am" and your female cadet Officers "Miss".
When Cadets become the only thing you can think of to talk about.
You salute the janitor who is waxing the floor in the hallway outside of your parade square while you wait to go inside.
You cringe at the thought of wearing a watch because you're a guardsman.
You have a permanent indentation in your forehead.
You spend more time preparing displays for your ACR then for your exams.
You never leave the house without at least 1 piece of cadet clothing.
You teach your "civvie" friends to walk in step, in order to keep you from going insane.
You call non cadet/military types Civvies.
When you're compared to a boy scout, you have to use every once of energy in your being to keep from flogging the person
You only point with a closed hand..
You have duct tape in your survival kit.
You get cravings for mess hall food/ration packs.
You start to run out of cadet trips to apply for.
You have received at least on of the following burns:
Wedge tan/burn on your forehead;
Arms (from your sleeves down);
The back of your legs;
That "v" thing on your neck from the blue shirts.
You can't iron on an ironing board║╕ It's all about ironing on a towel on a desk.
When you call a CSTC home.
When you have a collection of different cadet badges you've earned, then exceeded.
When you look for the chalk board with the day's menu in your kitchen at home
When you call the barracks "home".
When all you can talk about to your friends is what you did at camp last summer.
When you have old badges posted on a corkboard in your room.
When you have more types of uniforms for different occasions than you can count without taking off your socks and shoes.
When you skip/hop to get in step with your friends at school.
You get camp sick (like homesick but not).
Your cafeteria at school serves some really weird food and you're the only person that will eat it and you say "hey, I've had worse, I had IMPs".
Most of your friends are in cadets.
You become friends with people on a site called CW.
You cry when you remember camp.
You've met half of the people on CW.
You're always overheard saying "6 words: aww muffin, suck it up princess!".
You get disappointed when the home-baked cherry pie breaks apart when you throw it like a Frisbee.
You take the shower head off your shower and put it back on for only when you take showers.
You call your driveway the parade square.
You call your family room, the canteen.
You call your kitchen, the mess hall.
You call your bedroom, your barracks.
Your dresser is known as your barracks box.
You refrain from playing music before 2000hrs.
You cringe at the sight of a red pen.
You rejoice when a blue pen is pulled out.
You are overly happy when a gold pen is being used.
You run to other neighborhoods and steal their brooms and engrave your house number and street name into it, then hide them.
Half of your dresser is full of candy.
When you leave your cadet hall, you consider yourself on leave.
You go to the clinic expecting to get either tylenol or cepacol.
If a person is wearing a shirt with a letter on it, you address them by the phonetic version of the letter. ex: Hey Alpha!.
You make the joke, "hey you in the green/black/blue" and are disappointed when only one person (the only one in the actual colour) turns around.
You yell at someone when they turn on a flashlight in the dark, for ruining your night vision.
You volunteer for everything you're asked to do, so that you won't get voluntold
You try to simulate a cadet bus ride by taking the longest most indirect route from point A to point B.
You get lost after you go in the house and up the stairs.
When you listen to a song, and think, "hey, this would be a great song to play during a silent drill routine.
You are constantly picking lint off other people.
You starch everything you own. Including underwear.
When people are being noisy and you want their attention you fight the urge to yell "room".
99% of your closet reflects the color of your element.
Your shoelaces in your sneakers are laced like your cadet boots, straight across of course.
You sleep on top of you bed with a blanket so you don't mess it up too bad and it's easy to fix in the morning. Sleeping under the covers is just weird.
You wake up all the time at 6:00 am or before WHILE you're NOT at camp.
You worry about not getting accepted for camp because if you don't you won't know what to do with your summer and might have to go live on the base.
You start calling out commands on your OAT weekend in the middle of the night during your watch when no one is awake to hear them.
You choose the same camp you've been at forever just so you can see your friends and see if that crazy CSM has been locked away yet.
You don't date anyone who is not a cadet.
You yell "FRAT!!!" every time you see a couple together.
Every time you meet someone new and they tell you their name, you ask if they are related to Johnny _____ from the other side of the country, who you went to Basic with in '97.
You accept a promotion at work because the new uniform is the same colour as your element.
You have yelled drill commands in your sleep at weekend exercises, and never realize it (BONUS: you find the cadets waking up standing at ease).
You're the only cadet in town that wears their overcoat liner with the cadet elemental patch proudly on the velcro to school... and everywhere else.
You polish your boots instead of doing your homework.
You prefer one camp over another because of the mess food.
When you find yourself surrounded by bobby pins, by the computer, on your couch, EVERYWHERE.
You purchase personalized license plates with your unit number on them.
When you go to a formal and you bring your ruler to measure 6 inches.
When you think the new pattern uniform is the latest in chic.
You start marching around the house.
You love wearing woolies and your civvie socks chafe (itch).
You dig in your heal when walking.
You have your unit crest printed out and put up in your locker.
You know every rank and could recite backwards and/or in your sleep.
You enjoy sleeping in sleeping bags and/or cots more than your own bed.
You wish you had rat packs (IMP's) when you go camping outside of cadets.
You could spell things in phonetic faster than you could say the word.
You bring military gear store catalogues to school.
You try to associate any possible point in history with the forces or cadets
When you call your mom "Ma'am" and your dad "Sir"..
When you iron your jeans.
When you compare polishing jobs with people at school.
November 12th, 2004  
I've heard those so many times, but they're still funny because almost all of them applied to me when I was still an Air Cadet.
November 12th, 2004  
I can attest to most of those...
November 12th, 2004  
that's pretty true, but it's just long,

Pardon my french.

Mod Edit: Pardoned but you could still use the censored button.
November 12th, 2004  
It's long enough, yet someone every single one applies to me. Interesting. :-p

I stopped reading after like the first 30, but, I didn't see this one:

When you walk down hallways, you march. When you turn corners, you do columns and call the commands for yourself. (Also, when you turn around, you always use the about-face format.)

I've also been to several parties where I've tried to get somewhat of order or whatnot because it bothers me when everyone talks about something different at the same time, so I'll yell 'Lock it up!' And a few of my ROTC buddies will reply "Locked, sir!" And then I'll yell "Eyes'n'ears!" And they'll reply "Snapped and opened, sir!" And everyone will stare at us like psychos. We also regularly walk down a hallway and yell 'Thunder!' 'Flash!' to each other, lol.
November 12th, 2004  
there is a total of 106 of them, and 46 apply to me although i have been in less then 2 years
November 12th, 2004  
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Topic: Re: You know you've been in cadets too long when...

Originally Posted by drilldownmaster2004
You have a permanent indentation in your forehead.
The wing safetly lamp went off because of it. 96 days later i was at wing and the oldman said I had 100 more days to go before I could get hurt again.
Originally Posted by drilldownmaster2004
When you iron your jeans.
And starch them. I only did that once though.
November 12th, 2004  
Originally Posted by cullion
I've also been to several parties where I've tried to get somewhat of order or whatnot because it bothers me when everyone talks about something different at the same time, so I'll yell 'Lock it up!' And a few of my ROTC buddies will reply "Locked, sir!" And then I'll yell "Eyes'n'ears!" And they'll reply "Snapped and opened, sir!" And everyone will stare at us like psychos. We also regularly walk down a hallway and yell 'Thunder!' 'Flash!' to each other, lol.
LOL, ur called "Sir" as a cadet Seaman? You must be stuck in the middle of an Army JROTC unit.
November 12th, 2004  
Saddly, over half of those I am guilty of...

I used to say I need a life, but now I see, I do have's CAP! lol
November 13th, 2004  
CAP has its benefits, and I still have a LIFE! I hang around with people who really don't even care about the cadets