You know your a Tanker if . .

You know your a Tanker if . .
September 10th, 2005  

Topic: You know your a Tanker if . .

You know your a Tanker if . .
You know your a Tanker if . .
- > You've ever been fined for riding with your head sticking out your car's sun roof.
- > Your wife complains because the kitchen junk drawer is full of MILES keys and heater parts.
- > You giggle when your hunting buddies talk about the awesome stopping power of the .308 Winchester.
- > You named your son Roger.
- > You drive a '59 Caddy because you like "the feel of a lot of American iron."
- > You announce "On the way!" before you break wind.
- > Instead of meeting you at the door with a cold beer after work, your wife meets you with a can of degreaser and orders to strip before you touch the furniture.
- > After returning from the field it takes you a while to get used to food without the "diesel smoked" flavor.
- > When you go duck hunting you give your dog the command "ducks! Left duck!"
- > You've ever referred to an infantryman as a crunchy.
- > When buying a new car you make the salesman lay out the BII.
- > During sex you announce "On the way."
- > You refer to General Patton as Him.
- > You consider cheating on your wife Permissive TDY.
- > You refer to the Gulf War as "The big one of 91."
- > You think of ground troops as a speed bump.
- > You think bad sex may just be a boresight problem.
- > You consider a sand table exercise as a Middle East deployment.
- > You consider a hasty defense just aiming the gun.
- > When working on your car you fill out a DA 2404.
- > A pillow is nice, but a CVC is better.
- > You think 19Kilo should be 19Sweep.
- > You wish your POV had Tac Idle.
- > You get mad when NOMEX is referred to as the tanker suit.
- > You volunteer to fuel up a car.
- > You have a BBQ and invite all three of your friends.
- > You rank monster trucks between a Bradley and a M1 tank.
- > You carry a tanker bar in your POV.
- > You think hot spots are targets, not clubs.
- > You wish suburbans weren't so expensive.
- > Before your son/daughter can use your car they must complete a request for dispatch.
- > You always set 4 places at the dinner table.
- > You don't buy gas for your car, instead you "top off"
- > Your kids call the sandbox "NTC".
- > Your older kids call the youngest one "Cherry".
- > When your family gets together you call them "Slice Elements".
- > Your dog's name is Sabot.
- > If your ashtray is a 105mm shell casing.
September 11th, 2005  
those are funny
September 14th, 2005  
very good
You know your a Tanker if . .
September 14th, 2005  
Charge 7
Having spent the bulk of my service in SP units supporting armor, I have to admit most of those are just a little too true.

Oh and my ashtray is a 203mm shell casing.
September 16th, 2005