You Know You Are Too Hooah...

August 29th, 2004  

Topic: You Know You Are Too Hooah...

You Know You Are Too Hooah if....

o Your kids call the sand box NTC
o Your wife has mermites in the china cabinet
o Your older kids call the younger ones "cherry"
o When your wife left you held a change of command ceremony
o Your wife carries a buttpack instead of a purse
o Your kids call the Nintendo SIMNET
o When your family gets together you call them slice elements
o You butter your toast with a bayonet
o Your kids get a wrong answer in school they knock out 20
o Your personal licence plate says "AT EASE"
o Your kids initials are TM,FM, DD or AR
o Your grandmother won week of the Eagles
o Your POV has you name stenciled on the windshield
o Your dogs name is Ranger
o Your kids pull night shift guard on the mailbox
o Your wife has a better high and tight then your commander
o Your kids sound off with AIRBORNE every time their left foot hits the ground
o Your kids have to wax and buff the flors before they go to school
o When your dog Ranger died you gave him a 21 gun salute
o Your kids call their teachers REMF's and the other students LEG's
o Your daughters dolls wear starched uniforms
o Your kids get an LES with their allowance
o Your kids bigwheels are camouflage with bumper numbers
o Everyone does 6 pull-ups before sitting down at the dinner table
o All of your meals at home are MRE's
o All of your possessions have a national stock number
August 29th, 2004  
Sorry I noticed that someone else has also posted a very smilar joke to mine but there are a lot of differences. i APOLOGIZE.
August 30th, 2004  
Jason Bourne
That was funny, weird thing is i never heard it before, but it was really funny
January 18th, 2007  
April 11th, 2007  
Team Infidel