Knee Injuries

February 22nd, 2006  

Topic: Knee Injuries

Inevitably after a number of years service a good percentage of former soldiers carry the burden of suffering with bad knees and backs.

I personally have issues with my left knee. Its always worse in the winter when the cold sets in. However, recently I've found out that knee pain can be caused by a muscle imbalance amongst the quadriceps. I've checked this out and I found some really useful information at:

February 23rd, 2006  
Great site! My left knee is also shot. Sounds as tho I will have to strenghten a few muscles.
February 23rd, 2006  
Yeah, my left knee is less than I would prefer, but shit happens when you tear your ACL, good news is that today I just got the doctor's approval to do whatever the hell I want. so of course to celebrate I call the ROTC department at South Dakota State University it let them know my doctor cleared me and to set up a meeting to discuss enrolling in the ROTC program next year.

As for the cold weather problems, I think that is more of an issue of a lack of muscle and insulation because I had that problem this winter which was something new for me.