Kiwi soldier commended for bravery after suicide attack

September 10th, 2007  

Topic: Kiwi soldier commended for bravery after suicide attack

A New Zealand Army soldier has received a Chief of Defence Force Commendation in recognition of his courage and professionalism after an attack by a suicide bomber in Egypt.
Lance Corporal Joshua Roewen of the Royal New Zealand Army Logistics Regiment served with the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) on the Sinai Peninsula in 2006.
On 26 April 2006, he was the driver of an MFO vehicle with a Norwegian Liaison Officer and three Egyptian officials as passengers.
The vehicle was attacked by a suicide bomber with the ensuing explosion causing the windshield and one window to break and both tyres on the right side to blow out.
Despite the shock of the explosion and the damage caused, Lance Corporal Roewen continued to drive the vehicle for approximately 1200 metres, while at the same time using the vehicle's radio to contact the Force Operations Centre to report the incident.
When Lance Corporal Roewen found a safe open area, he parked the vehicle on the shoulder of the road and established initial security to the area. He then helped the Norwegian Liaison Officer in providing comfort to the distressed Egyptian officials.
Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae says that the actions of Lance Corporal Roewen clearly demonstrate the NZ Army's core values of courage and commitment.
"Throughout the incident, Lance Corporal Roewen displayed the highest levels of professionalism, competence and initiative. His actions in continuing to control the damaged vehicle, while maintaining communications with the Operations Centre were instrumental in the MFO response to this incident. Through his conduct Lance Corporal Roewen has earned the highest respect and admiration from his peers and superiors and is considered worthy of formal recognition."
September 10th, 2007  
A Can of Man
Great stuff!
September 15th, 2007  
Lance Corporal Joshua Roewen is a very fine Kiwi Good onya mate.

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