The Kirov

November 29th, 2017  

Topic: The Kirov

The Soviet ship destroyer. Moves at 254 mph at max speed with a turn rotation of 30 degrees at speed of 152 mph. It carries Siren Missiles for anti-ship destruction. As it maintain a heli-pad for transportation of units. Rocket launching at the front to take down passing airborne. Heat seeking AA-11 Archers.

surface-to-air missile.

The Kirov contains anti-radar detection EMF projection from a spherical dome transmitter calculated transmission frequency 2.3Hz - oscillation of 40 hz.

The exterior of the ship is a steel alloy of lead and titanium. Consisted of a inner shell with cast iron sealing.

Low Frequency sonar to detect incoming submarines and a automated 7.6 Hz propagation wave that premature torpedo detention.

What else is there?

A nuclear armed missile with 20 kilo tons payload

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