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May 14th, 2011  
Originally Posted by A Can of Man
Yes, it can penetrate the main battle tank.
If you want to call her that.
I'm copying this for later blackmail attempts. You, Mr Can of Man, are "toast" my friend.
May 18th, 2011  
Originally Posted by penetrator

I have been doing research on kinetic energy penetrators since june. I am having some problems finding the exact sizes of some parts of these penetrators. So;

1- What is the diameter of the case?
2- What what is the legth of case?
3- If you dont know, can you at least give me a source?
4- What is the sabot diameter? for example if the cannon is 120 mm, is the sabot part 120 mm or for example 119 mm?

I need some solid answers,

Thank you for your attention.
It all depends on the specific cannon it's supposed to be fired through, so if you're looking for the exact size of different parts you have to decide which load you want to do research on.

There are some manufacturs who list their spec's on net, you can google that for a start.

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