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June 1st, 2005  
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Kim has nothing on Hitler. Hitler is possible one of the best and worst rulers the world has ever seen. He managed to get the people behind him and to follow him. he was able to motivate his people to go to war by using techniques politicians still to today. Not to meation he made everyone believe he wasn't going to go to war then took Poland and France in a matter of weeks. Kim on the other hand got the power from his daddy. Has no control over his people (they try to flee into SK and CHINA NK is so bad they want to go to China). O yeah Hitler had an army that could crush any European force he came against. Kim's army looks more like a Soviet Museum.
I'd beg to differ. Hitler was the worst ruler. The man was a Corporal from the First World War. He had the country by the ears, it was in ruins, anyone could have stepped up and taken control. Not only that but he didn't have American troops across a DMZ and the mainland America with enough nukes to make his arsenal look like Disneyland special effects. And considering that Germany is quite large and had one of the most advanced scientific communities.

But don't under estimate his capabilities. A Soviet T-54/55 can still knockout an M1A2 or Challenger 2 by hitting the engine. Not only that but it only takes one nuke to blowup a city. And your comparing 1930-40's tactic and equipment with modern day stuff.

he was able to motivate his people to go to war by using techniques politicians still to today.
Its quite easy to convince a country that just had the H**l beat out of it to go to war. Besides vary rarely do political techniques change.

But in the end they are all the same, nuts, quacks, hungery for world power.
I beg to differ about your beg to differ! Hitler was what Darcia said, both a very good and a very bad leader. He took a weakened, debt ridden country with record inflation and mass unemployment and turned it into a military and economic superpower. He allowed novel leaders like Guderian the chance to put their revolutionary theories into practice. He restored German national pride after the Versailles Treaty and united practically all of the German-speaking peoples into one nation. By allowing Guderian his head he unleashed a novel new concept of warfare that for the first three years of WW2 shattered any army that stood against it.

He was very bad as well. A paranoid delusionist who allowed his own petty ego and prejudices to dominate his country's foreign policy, ultimately leading them to ruin. And he was responsible for one of the greatest atrocities in human history, the attempted extermination of an entire race. He even wanted to exterminate the Germanic race when it was clear all was lost in 1945. He wanted to cut all transport links from Germany to the outside world and gather all of Germany's population in the centre of the country, there to die of starvation and disease. By this time, Parkinson's Disease had really taken a grip on him.

Kim Jong Il has nothing on Adolf Hitler. North Korea, nuclear weapons aside, can not really threaten beyond its own region in the way that Nazi Germany was able to. The scariest thing about Hitler was that he really could have won, and was just a few short steps away from becoming the dominant power on earth.
June 1st, 2005  
Besides we still are not sure North Korea has nuclear weapons,they say they do but then agian one of thier Government Departments is the Department of Propoganda.