Kim Jong Il is the greatest golfer in the world - Page 3

April 26th, 2005  
lol, hes being respected and treated like a king
April 26th, 2005  
Next his advisors will be telling him he's got a great haircut.

"Say what you like about Kim Jong Il's appearance -- at least it's distinctive. Absolutely no one in North Korea ever has to ask "Who's that squat little man in the glasses and khaki windbreaker?" Also, there's his signature hairstyle. The dictator artfully conceals his diminutive stature by wearing platform shoes and whipping his hair into stiff peaks. So what if the autocrat feels a little self-conscious about his height? That's understandable -- he's only 5'2". Napoleon was four inches taller than that, for Christ's sake.

Granted, the man dresses like a retard. But that doesn't mean he actually is one."