Kahne Double-Clutches (and confirms) Sadler Rumors

August 16th, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: Kahne Double-Clutches (and confirms) Sadler Rumors

#9-Kasey Kahne may have given Knoxville television stations a scoop tonight. Kahne was visiting East Tennessee and signing autographs at NASCAR Speedpark in Sevier County. Speculation is mounting that Elliott Sadler will join Kahne as a teammate next season– although there’s been no official confirmation from Ray Evernham Motorsports– or Sadler himself. Tonight, asked about the situation– Kahne took things one-step further– saying Sadler may join the team in time for this weekend’s race at Michigan. Here’s his quote: “The 19 (car) hasn’t performed at all this year, and actually has been bad at most of the tracks. They’re out of the top-35 in points, so Ray is changing some things around there. I think Elliott Sadler is gonna be in the car this weekend. I think, maybe (smile). I don’t know for sure. I’m pretty sure he is. It’s gonna be good. I mean, next year he’s gonna be my teammate for sure, whatever happens this year."(Wogan on Sports)