December 29th, 2011  

Topic: K98k

Wondering if I could get some feed back from you guys? Iíve got a buddy that want to do some long range shooting and wanted me to help him get started. He went out and bought an OBR (a fine weapon Iíll have to say) I got him out to 75% head shots at 650yrds.In one weekend (not bad for a guy who never shot anything but a 30-30 and never over 150yrds). I would like to pick up and older weapons system to play with and donít want to spend 3K. I have always had a lot of respect for the K98k. Any feed back on this idea from you guys would be greatly appreciated. Also does anybody have any experience with Mitchellís Mausers?
December 29th, 2011  
What is the intentions? Accurate long range shooting or just shooting. Never ordered anything from Mitchell's. If just shooting get a copy of Shotgun News. Should be lots of Mausers from various countries, Enfields & Moisin-Nagants(lots of 91/30s the M-44 has a bit of kick to it).

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