January 23rd, 2010  
Korean Seaboy

Topic: K21

Is the K21 Infantry Fighting Vehicle good, normal, or bad? I'm sorry about asking so lot, but as I'm South Korean, I natually have an interest in the South Korean Army.
January 23rd, 2010  
A Can of Man
There really is no way to tell right now... it's just too new and I don't know anyone who's crewed one of those.
March 20th, 2010  
my post about K21 IFV. I gathered many pics and graphics(80 of them), 6 videos and a little infos.

there are some rare graphics that never uploaded on the net before.

try it~
March 21st, 2010  
A Can of Man
I'm sure it's well made but again, it's too early to tell.
One feature that would have been nice would be the ability for the infantry to shoot from within the crew compartment.