Just got a Flak vest, i have questions

November 27th, 2008  

Topic: Just got a Flak vest, i have questions

I have an all green flak vest, XL, looks brand new, i wont discuss how i got it, but there are velcro parts on the bottom of the vest, i opened them up and there are 4 layers of what looks to be kevlar inside, the vest is at least 30 pounds, i was just wondering what the vest might be worth, what it could stop bullet / knife wise and if its legal for me to have. I was informed it wasnt legal to have from the source and i just want to get things straight before i go sporting it around lol.

Thanks guys

I plan to be around here much often... i have many more toys to ask questions about....

Also, i am more then willing to post up pictures if needed, there are two straps on the side of the vest that are also velcro to hold it closed. I hope somebody knows what im talking about, i looked up pictures, it looks like its a tanker or other vehicle vest, not a field vest, but as said, there are 4 layers of different colored kevlar inside.
December 2nd, 2008  
IF the vest has jsut the front and back pieces with velcro straps at the top and sides then it is likely a tanker version of the flak vest. Deisgned to be worn under standard nomex and not be too restrictive. Anyone who has tried to load a tank with an IBA on will understand.

Remeber that Flak vests are deigned for low speed shrapnel not bullets or knives.

Depending on where you live it might not be illegal to have it or wear it. If you commit a crime while wearing it will likely cause more charges to be levied against you. Much like a police scanner. You can have it and listen to it all day, but if you use it while committing a crime it is a felony (Class 6 I think).
September 24th, 2009  
I have been looking for one of these for years.

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