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January 22nd, 2012  
Originally Posted by George
The US Harriers wen't operated off the big deck Carriers but from the Amphibious Assault Ships, no idea why they didn't install ski jumps on those where it increased the range/load considerably
Never said they did, what I said was in order to fly them off a CVTOL desk they would need to build a ramp, which would make it impossible the fly off any other type of aircraft.

Best course of action assuming this cannot be fixed, is to cancel the F-35B and buy Super Hornets which are almost as good and much cheaper.
January 22nd, 2012  
Originally Posted by Trooper1854
I just read this, its a quote from a former Lightning pilot:

"Lightning never strikes twice, as they always get their target first pass!"
UNLESS the rules of engagement are changed.

OR Congress "refocuses" spending limits of force deployment.

OR UNLESS the theatre of operation is deemed " Too Geopolitically Unstable" for peace loving peoples of the area of operation.

OR direct action must be taken in "sensitive steps" to aviod "ethinic upheaval of minorities" in the region.

OR bi party outcry over the use of force pressures the president to scrub the mission from the start...

But other than that, then yea I believe him.
August 29th, 2013  
Updated News about F 35C , "The US Navy's F-35C Lightning II joint strike fighter (JSF) carrier variant (CV) aircraft has successfully conducted the first in-flight refueling trials with a US Air Force's (USAF) KC-135 aircraft at an undisclosed location." News Source

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