Joint Military Cadets of America

September 22nd, 2014  
CW3 Timothy Denner

Topic: Joint Military Cadets of America

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are the Joint Military Cadets of America. We would like to invite you to join us, we are a joint service cadet program chartered through the Boy Scouts of America under their Military Explorer program. The idea behind the "Joint" is that we have Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine cadets and units throughout our program and the country.

I have included our mission, objectives, and program summery below. However, if you would like more information, please go to this website:

A. The mission of the Joint Military Cadets of America is to positively impact America’s future by providing quality youth development and military career exploration programs for boys and girls that nurtures and develops its members into responsible citizens who enjoy and promote a healthy, drug-free, crime-free lifestyle.

B. Be a relevant force, missioned across the spectrum of contingencies,
structured and resourced to accomplish its mission, capable and accessible when called, with trained Military cadets committed to preserving the timeless
traditions and values of service to our nation and communities.

- Promote the mental, moral, and physical development of its members.

- Advocate a healthy, drug-free lifestyle through continual drug demand reduction program (DDR)

- Instill in its members the ideals of honesty, fairness, courage, respect, loyalty, dependability, attention to duty, love of God, and fidelity to our Country and its institutions.

- Stimulate an interest and respect for the United States Military, and its history and traditions.

- Promote physical fitness through the conduct of physical activities, including participation in Military physical training, field training, and close order drills.


The Joint Military Cadets of America (JMCA) is the premier nationwide cadet organization. The aim of the Joint Military Cadets of America is to inspire young people to achieve success in life with a spirit of service to their country and community and to develop in them the qualities of a good citizen. In order to achieve these goals, the JMCA is designed as a high-adventure military career exploration program for youth age 11-17 to determine whether or not a career as a service member is right for them. There is absolutely no service commitment involved, although cadets do experience firsthand many aspects of a military lifestyle.

Generally speaking, there are two types of training Military Cadets engage in. The first is monthly drills, also referred to as Unit Training Assemblies or UTA's, held once a month. The other is Annual Training, or AT, held over the summer at a real military installation. During AT cadets get the opportunity to train with other Military Cadets from around the country; it is the most valuable, realistic, and demanding training they will receive as a cadet. At AT cadets will also develop lifelong friendships with their fellow cadets, as there is no way for cadets to succeed without using teamwork. There are multiple levels of training that cadets may sign up for at Annual Training. Their first summer cadets will attend Basic Cadet Training (BCT) and in subsequent summers they will have different courses they can choose to attend depending on their interests.At both AT and UTA's, cadets will receive many different types of realistic military training. The topics include, but are certainly not limited to:

Basic Soldiering Skills
First aid and CPR
Land, Air, and Marine Navigation
Drill and Ceremonies
Tactical field training
Physical training

In addition to those topics, some of the most important experience cadets receive is as leaders. The Military Cadets of America is lead by the cadets meaning that, as cadets progress through training and prove their ability, they may be given promotions and given responsibility for other cadets. In other cadet programs, rank and position is mostly symbolic or ceremonial; that is not the case in the Joint Military Cadets of America. During their time in the program, cadets will progress from followers to leaders and receive extremely challenging and rewarding leadership experience.

Make no mistake, this program is not for the faint-of-heart or uncommitted. If you're up for the challenge, however, you'll be amazed how much you can accomplish and how much fun you can have doing it!

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