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November 5th, 2004  

Topic: joinng marine corps

i am joining the marine corps hopefull soon, and i want to go to iraq. now, before you think im some over macho freak, i want to clarify a few things. the only reason i want to go to iraq is because six of my friends who i have known for over 12 years are going, and i wouldnt be able to look at myself in didnt go. im choosing the marines to hopefully 1. start a tradition of marine corp warriors after me for my family, and 2. because the corps is supposed to be the hardest service to get into without going special forces. any tips that would help in preperation? i know to get in shape, get my mind right, but anything else that would help? if someone can remember specifics to the physical part(running, sleeping,pushups,situps)that would really help me. thanks guys.
November 5th, 2004  
WOW... i swear in on monday at the MEPS... i have been researching this diligently for the last few months... one thing you need to take care of is the ASVAB test. not a whole lot of ppl tell you to study for it or even to prepare for it. This test determines what your mos COULD be. The Corps doesn't give an MOS (job) unless it is available at the time so unless you qualify and it is available you cannot do just anything. I am wanting to enter the data systems mos and i have to do well on the ASVAB and there has to be a spot open for me to get in. So the better you do on the ASVAB the better chance you have of not being the guy or girl that hates what he does for 4 or six years.
another thing that you may want to prepare for is the information that you will HAVE to learn in training... I think that i will learn it now before i leave in Feb for training so that when i get down there i will be able to focus on the things that i couldn't learn or didn't know that i should.
I would reccomend this site for tips and you can even do a practice ASVAB that i would recomend.
if you need anything or have any questions about The Corps pm me and i will get back to you asap. I will give you a walkthrough of the MEPS when i get back on wed. also my email and my messenger is listed in my profile.

the site is,,00.html

i would recomend doing all ten steps i did all of them and it really helped on getting me prepared for the Corps. My recruiters told me that they could tell i did research cause i knew my *crap*.
and good luck recruit
November 5th, 2004  
First, have talked with a recruiter? Thats your first step. Your recruiter can tell you what MOS fields are open and what ASVAB scores are required. The scores vary depending on the MOS field.

As far as preparing that would depend on your current condition. The PFT consists of a 3 mile run, max pull ups and max sit ups . The IST you take when you begin training at the Depot consists of a 1 1/2 mile run, max pull ups, and max situp's to gauge what condition you are in. You need to get in shape and I would suggest a program of running and increasing the distance weekly and pull ups and sit ups. You can get a standard score table for both the IST and the PFT from your recruiter.

The main ingrediet you need is the desire to be a United States Marine. That desire and a willingness to do what it takes will help as much as anything else in boot camp.

And lastly rely on the advice of recruiters not that of Poolees.Marine Corps recruiters are held to a high standard of integrity and will guide you in the right direction.
November 8th, 2004  
Learn your general Orders, Marine Corps History, Learn all the services rank structure and insignia. Work on pull ups. Learn how to polish boots now. Learn to keep your mouth shut and listen. Also this is a really good time to clean up any loose ends in your life. Family issues, money issues, Girlfriend problems. Boot Camp is not a time to have other outside problems. Yo need to focus on the tasks at hand and work your behind off to be the best at what you are taught. Never loose your focus. Here is a little test for you. Next time you have a really bad itch DO NOT SCRATCH IT. If you can get yourself in a mindset that you have the discipline to ignore things that most people can not stand then you will be miles ahead of a lot of other recruits in your platoon. THis test is not something that you will have to worry about but it is just a measure of your own self control.
November 8th, 2004  
Good luck.
November 17th, 2004  
boots no longer need polishing Hoorah!, love my ICB's and you will be told that all recruiters lie to you (which they do kind of) and then when you graduate boot the combat instructors will tell you the DI's lied to you and i think it will go like that until im the one lying to you
April 7th, 2009  
Hi. I am from Kosovo and would like to join the Marine Corp and also go to Iraq or Afghanistan. I have been working for the State Department in Iraq and AFG already and that is what actually inspired me to join the US Military. Does anyone know whether it is possible or not? Val
April 7th, 2009  
You have to be a legal resident.